COVID-19 and Emergency Preparedness

What is It?

The COVID-19 pandemic is an ongoing public health crisis both because it directly threatens the physical health and well-being of so many individuals and communities, and also because of its effects psychological and emotional health. The immense economic toll the pandemic has taken is also a cause for concern given the known connections between economic stability and human health. The COVID-19 pandemic has also exacerbated existing health equities.

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We Can Do This - COVID Mitigation

APHA and the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services have partnered to create patient education materials, in both English and Spanish, that explain who is at increased risk for severe illness from COVID, the availability of COVID treatments, and the importance of early treatment. We encourage you to use these free materials and/or share them with your network. You can find and download them on APHA’s website.


IPHA Supports Iowa's Workforce By:

  • Hosting weekly collaborative meetings for Iowa’s local public health administrators
  • Advocating for state and local-level policies aimed at COVID-19 transmission prevention, vaccine planning and distribution, and enhanced funding for local public health agencies
  • Creating a COVID-19 Communications Community of Practice
  • Serving as a public health expert and champion in Iowa and national media
  • Supporting Iowa’s state level public health department through serving on hiring committees and task forces. 
  • Wearing our support for public health as a sector
  • Continuing to provide trainings and workshops about a variety of topics to sustain non-COVID related public health programs and practices
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