Location: Des Moines   Company name: Iowa Department of Health and Human Services   Job type: full-time

Radiation Emergency Preparedness Coordinator

The Bureau of Radiological Health is looking for a Radiation Emergency Response Coordinator to coordinate and maintain radiological emergency response planning, training, and outreach projects within the department and with partners across Iowa, the regional area, and the nation. This position will coordinate with technical radiation protection staff to develop plans and support and deliver content for training or presentations. The radiation emergency response coordinator role will facilitate training opportunities for bureau staff and radiological response partners by coordinating travel for the staff or arranging for training delivery within Iowa.

A critical role for this position will be to develop and maintain plans and procedures for radiological emergency response for all types of radiation incidents across the many aspects of Iowa’s radiation response community. This coordinator will develop plans within Iowa HHS, as well as coordinate technical advisement to radiological emergency response plans with partners across Iowa, as well as with regional and national partners. All planning efforts will require the coordinator to be able to communicate with and incorporate technical radiological resources to ensure plans and procedures are based on sound technical guidance and justification. Planning scope will include:

  1. All-hazards response to radiological incidents.
  2. Monitoring and facilitating coordination with existing radiological hazards across the state (clean-up, response calls, and long-term storage sites).
  3. Coordinating radiological technical support to the existing REP program at Iowa HSEMD and the counties for nuclear power plant response.

This coordinator position will also be responsible for developing and maintaining all contracts and budgets for the bureau related to radiation transportation, training support, calibration services, and radiation emergency preparedness. The contract and budget duties include identification and development of new grant opportunities and applications, coordination with other entities to support their radiation preparedness grant efforts, management of deliverables documentation and approval for payment to contractors, creation of invoices for reimbursement from grants or contracts to the bureau, and ongoing updating or renewing of existing contracts.

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