Location: Des Moines   Company name: Iowa Department of Public Health   Job type: full-time

Iowa Physician Health Program (IPHP) Coordinator

The Iowa Physician Health Program (IPHP) Coordinator manages the Iowa Physician Health Program. The IPHP is a confidential monitoring advocacy program for physicians, acupuncturists, and genetic counselors with diagnosed mental, physical, or substance abuse impairments.

The IPHP operates under the purview of the Iowa Board of Medicine. IPHP staff operate under the supervision of the Board’s Executive Director and the guidance of the Board’s Medical Director and the Iowa Physician Health Committee.

The IPHP Coordinator monitors the work and provides supervision and direction to a Case Manager. The IPHP Coordinator manages select cases of participants and develops and administers marketing and communications and rules and policies for the IPHP.

The IPHP Coordinator should possess a human services background with experience managing a program (including process improvement, managing meetings, and policies and procedures), case management, and supervision experience.

The IPHP Coordinator should be detail oriented with excellent communication skills.

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