Location: Des Moines   Company name: Iowa Department of Health and Human Services   Job type: full-time

Investigative Assistant

This position responsibilities include:

1. Serves as key contact, to both the public and licensees, regarding all aspects of the complaint, investigative and disciplinary process.
2. Review and prioritize all complaints received; determine, based on severity of the complaint, which will be routed directly to the board, which can be addressed through subpoena, and which require investigation.
3. Enters and maintains all investigative files in AMANDA and regularly monitors the status of all outstanding complaints.
4. Sends necessary correspondence to patients and licensees.
5. Updates investigative files as additional information becomes available.
6. Provides direction and planning assistance to the Health Professions Investigator to coordinate all investigations.
7. Provides complaint information and background information to the Board’s Health Professions Investigator.
8. Monitors, and documents investigations currently pending.
9. Corresponds with complainant and licensee relative to status of investigations.
10. Secures further investigative information upon request from complainant, peer reviewer or licensee or Board.

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