Location: Warren County/Indianola   Company name: Warren County Public Health   Job type: full-time

I-Smile Coordinator

I-Smile™ coordinator, in conjunction with the Title V Child Health Program Manager and other applicable staff, is responsible for developing and implementing oral health services and activities within the service area. This position will provide oversight of the I-Smile and I-Smile @ School Programs. Will promote oral health through outreach activities and collaboration with medical providers and community partners. Will provide oversight and work closely with the DDSP Coordinator and provide education and training at venues across the service area. Will implement appropriate intervention measures and promote standard dental health practices. Works cooperatively with other agency staff in the planning and execution of agency programs.

Essential Functions

Provides oversight and is responsible for the I-Smile and I-Smile @ School Programs.

  • Provides outreach and promotes Oral Health to dental and medical providers.
  • Provides outreach and promotes Oral Health to community service providers, schools, child providers, and families.
  • Develops oral health protocols for the service area.
  • Develops strategies to develop partnerships in the service area.
  • Provides training and oversight and works closely with the DDSP Coordinator and agency staff involved with oral health services.
  • Provides Oral Health education and training at several venues within the service area.
  • Trains as needed non-dental primary care providers, such as physicians and nurses, to provide oral screenings, fluoride varnish applications and education as requested.
  • Provides dental services as stated in Public Health Supervision Agreement.
  • Follows established agency policies and procedures for service and program documentation.
  • Participates in required IDHHS meetings and trainings.
  • Assists with referrals following assessments such as oral health screens, fluoride varnish application, education and/or sealant application related to patient services.
  • Assists with documentation of follow up services that are conducted per policy guidelines and that will be documented in Signify.
  • Exchange information with other agency staff as necessary to support needs of a family.
  • Provides support for other CAH (Child Adolescent Health) programs such as hawk-i Child Health and other agency programs as needed.
  • Participates in the planning and operation of public health clinics, child health clinics, oral health clinics, group instruction and school health programs.
  • Participates in presenting and education for community groups regarding oral health or other related public health subjects.
  • Participates in activities for the prevention of disease and promotion of wellness.
  • Participates in local Community Health Assessment and Community Health Improvement Plan (CHA-CHIP) process.
  • Assists with the coordination of the school screening audit process and reports to the local board(s) of health.
  • Assists with care coordination for families to obtain a dental home, oral health treatment or other identified services. Care coordination will include an individualized approach to interventions through verbal and written communication with family, health care providers or other community resources.
  • Follows established agency policies and procedures.
  • Responsible for other duties as assigned.

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