Location: Quad Cities   Company name: Genesis Health System   Job type: full-time

Disaster Prep Planner

Purpose: Provides advanced planning assistance to local public health and EMS in Region 5 for Iowa, assists in the development of disaster/emergency plans and operational policies and procedures. Reviews and offers consultation to local public health agency staff in the development, review, implementation and exercising of plans and operation procedures. Serves in a leadership capacity with content experts to develop templates for local public health and EMS. Provides direct assistance to local public health agencies in the development of program funding applications including budget and work plan activities. Assists with exercise plan development and participates in tabletop, functional and full-scale exercises for the department, region, and county. Works closely with Public Health staff and Iowa Department of Public Health state staff and other regional grant coordinators

Supervisory Responsibility: Direction: The job requires some accountability for scheduling, assigning or coordinating work. Employees check the quality of work and provide guidance, instruction, training and direction to others. Although the job does not require formal or official supervisory responsibility, the incumbent serves as group leader or acts in an informal “assistant supervisory” or “lead” role. In addition, the employee may be expected to provide information or suggestions on human resources matters.

Materials Responsibility: Moderate: Work requires moderate responsibility for material resources. Examples of resources could include operating budgets for a work unit or department, specialized equipment, costly or unusual materials or supplies, large grant spending or other material assets. The employee has a moderate amount of control over these resources. The cost of errors might result in moderate damage, waste or financial loss. The difficulty, variety and depth of problems associated with these material resources is moderately complex.

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