Location: Remote - Coralville office space available    Company name: Iowa Cancer Consortium   Job type: freelance

Communications Contractor


  • Represent the Consortium in alignment with its brand guidelines and values.
  • Develop monthly social media message sets for our members that address cancer control, awareness, and observances.
  • Write/coordinate two blog posts per month.
  • Create original, branded graphics for social media.
  • Develop evergreen content for the Consortium.
  • Assist with monthly e-newsletter.
  • Help with design for the 2021 Annual Report & 2023-2027 Iowa Cancer Plan.
  • Work with Consortium staff to develop additional contract deliverables based on contractor input and interest and community needs.
  • Maintain honest, constructive, open, and consistent communication with Consortium teammates.
  • Comply with Consortium bylaws, policies, and procedures.

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