Location: Des Moines   Company name: Iowa Department of Public Health   Job type: full-time

Child/Adolescent Health and Newborn Screening Epidemiologist

Under supervision of the Chief of the Bureau of Family Health (BFH), this position will serve as the data manager and provide epidemiological surveillance of Child and Adolescent Health, Early Hearing Detection and Intervention (EHDI), and other screening programs within BFH. Duties include data tracking, statistical analysis, and reporting on newborn screening related program performance measures and comparing state and national benchmarks. The position works in collaboration with program staff by performing advanced professional level or lead work in collecting, compiling, analyzing and reporting statistical data. Responsibilities are as follows:

Performs a variety of tasks to assure the quality and integrity of EHDI follow-up data, conducts data analysis, disseminates findings with the team and relevant stakeholders, and support evaluation activities and make policy related recommendations to the supervisor and program leads. Primary responsibility is to improve the documentation and use of diagnostic and early intervention data. This includes: 1) monitoring the EHDI follow-up data collection processes and providing interim and summary reports to improve tracking and surveillance activities 2) using epidemiological and statistical methods to answer key questions related to the EHDI tracking surveillance process and outcomes 3) determining the strengths and weaknesses of the EHDI data system to establish priorities for updates and improvements 4) supporting evaluation of the effectiveness of the EHDI data system 5) disseminating relevant, detailed EHDI data to stakeholders to support and improve diagnostic and intervention data collection and use 6) providing technical assistance or training, design and compile summary statistical report on diagnostic and intervention data. on to diverse audiences.

Responsible for conducting evaluation activities, including the development, coordination, and implementation of an EHDI-IS evaluation plan in close collaboration with stakeholders, and using evaluation findings to support program improvements. This position will present evaluation findings and conclusions to a variety of audiences. This position will create the tools for data-related evaluations, surveys, and work plans of sufficient quality design that clearly specify where the information originates and validity of the data and will utilize this information to write data-processing specifications and oversee the data collection process. This position will facilitate the creation of new and revised statistical reports, including designing forms and publications that meet CDC required criteria. All reports and information generated will demonstrate a clear message with logical conclusions that stakeholders can readily identify. This position will also provide evaluation of proposed programs and legislative changes (e.g. in terms of cost, people served, staff needed, etc.).

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