Location: Des Moines   Company name: Iowa Department of Public Health   Job type: full-time

Bureau of Emergency and Trauma Services (BETS) Compliance Officer

Performs journey level professional work to ensure/support compliance with department enforced state and federal laws, rules, guidelines and program requirements; performs related work as required.

Assures compliance of EMS providers (approximately 11,000 providers), EMS training program applicants, and EMS Services (approximately 930 services) with department rules, guidelines and program requirements. Investigates complaints and other suspected administrative rule or statute

•Gathers pertinent facts, interviews complainants, respondents, and other witnesses, and obtains and preserves documents and records.
•Verifies the accuracy of evidence for use in administrative and district court proceedings.
•Writes investigative reports documenting the purpose, scope and procedures followed in the investigation, the facts gathered and the source of all facts, the applicable law, rules and standards of practice, and presents factual conclusions for submission to the bureau chief and Assistant Attorney General.
•Analyzes, evaluates, and summarizes complaints, identifies the relevant factual and legal issues, assesses whether complaints fall within the jurisdiction of the bureau and identifies the types of evidence needed to fairly assess the merits of complaints.
•Coordinates with peer reviewers or other persons retained to provide expert opinions in the investigation and review of complaints.
•Prepares formal citations or enforcement actions for legal review and use in administrative proceedings such as statements of charges, consent orders, and subpoenas, and testifies at administrative hearings or civil enforcement actions in district court.
•Monitors disciplinary investigations, complaints, and cases, and respondent compliance with enforcement orders; conducts audits of licensee adherence to mandatory qualifications for licensure and continued licensure, such as continuing education and peer review.
•Prepares detailed records and reports on the status and disposition of cases.
•This position serves as the lead liaison with the Attorney General’s Office for handling all code and administrative rule violations by EMS entities.

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